Programming Help for Poplog Language

Introduction to Prolog Programming Language

Poplog is a logic based programming language and it is multi-language programming environment for the programming languages POP-11, Common Lisp, Prolog and standard ML. It was developed in UK for teaching and research in artificial intelligence at the University of Sussex. It is free Cross-platform Compiler.

Example of Poplog Programming Language

The given example is consist of two parts in which first part will store the file as and placed in working folder of poplog and then the second part have to enter manually. [-fact].



fact(X, F) :- 

    ( X=0, F=1; 

      Y is X-1, fact(Y, Z), F is X*Z), 

    write(X), write('! = '), write(F), nl.

% interactive



How to learn Poplog Programming Language?

Tutorial or Books for learning Poplog Programming Language:

Video:- Installing and Testing Poplog on Linux