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Pliant Programming language

Pliant Programming language was the first attempt in the history of Computer software Programming language to connect the branches of the C and LISP. Pliant is come under the category in which programmed have to select the one language and to do everything with that language. Pliant Programming language take the metro programming two steps ahead and provide the features which are missing in the Lisp Programming. The two features which are missing in the Lisp programming language are :

  • The rewriting code cannot test the type of arguments, and typing proved to be a terrifically important property.
  • Rewriting will end as some LISP built in instructions set which is not efficient since too high level.

Pliant Programming Code Example

title "Euro to Dollar"
var Float euro := 1
input "Amount: " euro
button "Press me"
title "The answer is...
text (string euro*1.2)
Pliant Programming language

Features of Pliant

  • The parser is based on set of token filters and folding rules
  • The syntax of pliant Programming language is easier to read
  • The compiler is a dynamic compiler
  • 'build' and 'destroy' methods
  • generic functions support
  • references count based memory allocation