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Pike Programming Language

Pike Programming language is a Object-oriented Programming language with syntax similar to C or JAVA Programming language. Pike Programming language is easy to learn. Pike programming language is used for the education to the students. Pike is useful for the people who don't have the knowledge of programming and want to write code. Pike is easy to understand and the syntax of pike is similar to that of C and JAVA.

Pike Programming Code Example

int counter=1;

object foo;

object(Stdio.File) outfile;

Stdio.FILE infile;

function(int, string|void: mapping(string:string)) fun;

int|float x;

mixed whatever;

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Pike Programming Language

Why to use Pike?

  • it has a rather simple yet elegant syntax
  • it is interpreted and thus rather easy to learn
  • it has quite good performance for an interpreted language
  • Open Source
  • dynamic loading of C modules compiled into shared libs
  • good and efficient string handling