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Introduction to Pict Programming Language

PICT is a programming language based on the ?-calculus. It is a statically typed programming language. Pict is a language in the ML tradition and it is formed by adding a layer of convenient syntactic sugar and a static type system to a tiny core. PICT was introduce by the University of Edinburg in 1992. The language is still in experimental stage. It can be implemented efficiently.

Feature of PICT:

  • The Pict a programming language based on ?.
  • A typesystem for Pict
  • Pict can be implemented efficiently.

Highlights of the new release include...

  • a complete formal definition
  • a separate compilation facility
  • an expanded set of standard libraries
  • New Pict release include a binary distribution for simpler installation on some common architectures (a full source distribution is also available)
pict programming language

Tutorial or Books for learning Pict Programming Language:

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