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PL/1 Programming language

PL/1 Programming language is a third generation programming language. The first name of the PL/1 Programming language was New Programming Language NPL and then it was changed to PL/1 because it confuses with the National Physical Laboratoryin England. PL/1 Programming language was develop as a alternative to the assembler languages e.g COBOL, FORTRAN. Pl/1 programming language is extensible, for new hardware and new application areas. It is machine-independent and operate effectively across the main hardware and operating system ranges.

The features support by PL/1

  • Recursion
  • Structured programming
  • Linked data structure handling
  • Fixed-point
  • Floating-point
  • Complex
  • Character string handling
  • Bit string handling

Features of PL/1

  • no reserved keywords
  • defines it's data types without regard for any hardware
  • block-oriented language, consisting of packages, begin blocks, and statement
  • contains control structures
  • supports arrays, structures, unions, arrays of structures or unions, structures or unions of arrays, and combinations thereof
  • four different storage classes: AUTOMATIC, STATIC, CONTROLLED, and BASED

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