Programming Help for Occam Language

Introduction to Occam Programming Language

Occam Programming Language is a Imperative Procedural Language or Concurrent Programming Language.It is build on CSP(Communicating Sequential Processes) which process algebra and shares its features. Occam-pi is mostly used version of occam. It supports variety of platform with collection of open source tools.

Syntax of a Process in Occam


Keywords used in Occam Programming Language

In Occam Programming process communicate through channels.One process outputs data to a channel via”!” while another one input data with”?”


keyboard ? c
 screen ! c


The Sequential expression are introduced by SEQ

Z :=Z + 1
U := Z * Z


The list of expression that can be evaluated concurrently begins with PAR


How to learn Occam Programming Language

Tutorial for Occam Programming Language:

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Download Occam compiler Here!!