Obliq Programming Language Help For Students

Introduction to OBLIQ

Obliq is a programming language in a wirth tradition, from the ALGOL-PASCAL module line. It is based on Modula-3 and used its libraries. It is an interpreted, object-oriented language designed to make distributed and locally multi-threaded, computation simple and easy for the programmer. Obliq libraries provide strong support for mathematical operations. The common uses of Obliq involve programming over networks, 3D animation, and distributed computation over Ethernet LAN as. Obliq is included free with the DEC Modula-3 distribution, but other free versions exist elsewhere including pre-compiled binaries for several operating system.

Example: Hello World!

  MODULE Main; 



   IO.Put("Hello World\n")

 END Main.


Compiler Download

To get started, see Download and install OBLIQ and follow the instructions....