NXT-G programming language

Introduction to Nxt-g programming:

NXT-G is the most common programming language used for graphical programming written in LabView. It is a drag-and-drop, graphical programming language, written in LabVIEW. Lego Mindstorms NXT offers a highly effective graphical programming language that is easy to use even for those with no particular skills in development languages. This language NXT-G is supplied with the basic kit.

Programming code for NXT-g :

NXT G programming code

Feature of NXT-G

  • The palette are listed in the function blocks that can be dragged/dropped into the work area.
  • The NXT-G program is designed in the work area.;
  • The configuration panel offers the settings for adjusting the block when selecting a block in the work area.
  • The controller is used for compiling the program and transfer it to the robot.
  • The online help contains all the support which are needed while using the interface.
NXT G-programming language
NXT G-programming language 1
NXT G-programming language 2

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