Programming Help for Mozart Programming

Introduction to Mozart Programming Language

The Mozart Programming Language is a logic based Programming language and it is a multiplatform can be implemented of the OZ programming language. It was developed by an international group, the Mozart Consortium.

Mozart Programming Language is used for creating distributed Concurrent applications because it make the network fully transparent. It combines the research in programming language design and implementation. It supports GUI application through Tcl/Tk integration.

Example of Mozart Programming Language

The given example will find the factorial of a number:

fun lazy {Fact N}
   if N =< 0 then 1 else N*{Fact N-1} end
local X Y in
  X = {Fact 80} 
  Y = X + 1 % the value of X is needed and fact is computed

How to learn Mozart Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning Mozart Programming Language:

Download Mozart software from Here !!