Programming Help for Moto Programming

Introduction to Moto Programming Language

Moto Programming Language is a new programming language which can be used as interpreted language or it can be compiled to run at super quick speeds. It was developed by David Hakim and Ken Kocienda. It is an Open-Source server side programming language like PHP or JSP. The main difference between Moto and server side scripting language is that Moto page can run interpreted or be natively compiled into dynamically loadable Apache modules.

Example of Moto Programming Language

$declare(int counter = 1)
$declare(int i)

<title>Testing program</title>

$for(i = 4; i >= counter; counter++)
  <h$(counter)>Moto Rules!</h$(counter)>

  while(counter >= 1) {
    print "<h" + counter + ">Moto Rules!</h" + counter + ">\n";


How to learn Moto Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning Moto Programming Language:

Download Moto Programming software from Here !!