Programming Help for Mercury Programming

Introduction to Mercury Programming Language

Mercury is a functional logic programming language. It is used for real-world application. Mercury Programming Language was developed by Fergus Henderson, Conway and Zoltan Somogyi in 1995. It is purely declarative logic language. It is related with prolog and Haskel. It's features a strong, static, polymorphic type system. It is available for many platform like Unix, Mac, Microsoft Window etc

Example of Mercury Programming Language

Given example will print "Hello World"

Hello World:
 :- module hello.
 :- interface.
 :- import_module io.
 :- pred main(io::di, io::uo) is det.
 :- implementation.
 main(!IO) :-
        io.write_string("Hello, World!\n", !IO).

How to learn Mercury Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning Mercury Programming Language:

Download Mercury software from Here !!