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MEL Programming language

MEL (Maya Embedded Language) is a scripting language used to simplify the task in the Autodesk’s 3D graphics software Maya. MEL is descended from UNIX shell scripting. This means MEL is strongly based on executing commands to accomplish things (like executing commands in a UNIX shell), rather than manipulating data structures, calling functions, or using object oriented methods as in other language. It provides some memory management and dynamic array-allocation, and offers direct access to functions specific to Maya.

MEL Programming code example

int $a = 5;
float $b = 3.456;
vector $v = <<1.2, 3.4, 6.5>>;
float $ar[] = {1.2, 3.4, 4.5}; // An array of floats
matrix $mtx[3][2]; // A 3x2 matrix of floats

Applications of MEL

  •  Data I/O
  •  Motion capture data import
  •  Proprietary game data export
  •  Scene meta-data for production tracking
  •   Geometry creation/modification
  • Custom primitives