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Programming Help for Lucid Programming

Introduction to Lucid Programming Language

Lucid Programming Language a Dataflow Programming Language and design for experiment with non-Von Neumann programming models. It supports small set of integer, symbols, data types and reals.

Lucid Programming Language supports high-Level data flow programming language. It is available free for UNIX Platform. The latest version of Lucid is GIPSY.

Lucid was a powerful advance in computer science, and spawned several additional research areas over the 1980s. Two of those areas, Multidimensional Programming and International Programming, are still active research areas in computer science.

Example of Lucid Programming Language

The given example will print the prime number



     prime = 2 fby (n whenever isprime(n));

     n = 3 fby n+2;

     isprime(n) = not(divs) asa divs or prime*prime > N


                       N is current n;

                       divs = N mod prime eq 0;



Dataflow Diagram:

---+1<--- -->isprime----

 |         |              |

 |         |              V





How to learn Lucid Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning Lucid Programming Language:

You can download the compiler and the manual by link given below....

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