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Lisp Programming language

Lisp is a family of computer programming languages used for the Artificial intelligence and mathematical applications. Lisp the second oldest high-level programming language that introduce the many new features to the programming e.g  tree data structures, management, dynamic, and the self-hosting compiler. Linked Lists are the main data type of the lisp programming language on the name of the “list processing” the name LISP is derived. Lisp programming language provide the feature of interchangeability of the code and data to provide the instant recognizable syntax. It quickly became the favored programming language for artificial intelligence (AI) research. Lisp has spawned many variations on the core theme of an S-expression language. Moreover, each given dialect may have several implementations—for instance, there are more than a dozen implementations of Common Lisp.

Lisp programming code example

(defun should-be-constant ()

  '(one two three))

 (let ((stuff (should-be-constant)))

  (setf (third stuff) 'bizarre))   ; bad!

 (should-be-constant)   ; returns (one two bizarre)


Areas of application

  • Artificial Intelligence
    • AI Robots
    • Computer Games (Craps, Connect-4, BlackJack)
    • Pattern Recognition
  • Air Defense Systems
  • Implementation of Real-Time, embedded Knowledge-Based Systems
  • List Handling and Processing
  • Tree Traversal (Breath/Depth First Search)
  • Educational Purposes (Functional Style Programming)

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