Lisaac Programming Language Help For Students

Introduction to Lisaac

A new compiled, protoype-based programming language called Lisaac is making some msall waves on reddit due to its strong showing on microbenchmarks. Lisaac is inspired by Self, Smalltalk, and Eiffel. Sample code does look a bit verbose. Here's the grammar. Stated goal of Lisaac is to build an operating system. Lisaac is case sensitive. Keywords are capitalized (Section, Header, Public), type identifiers are written in upper case letters (INTEGER, BOOLEAN, OBJECT), and identifiers denoting variables and slots are written in lower case letters. Objects are composed of slots, which can be data or code. The ':' symbol is used to declare types. Slot names are prefixed with a '+' or '-' symbol to indicate whether the slot is local to an object or shared between objects.

Example: Hello World!

 Section Header


Section Public

  - main <-


    "Hello world!\n".print;



Compiler Download


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