{" "} Programming Help for Limbo Language

Introduction to Limbo Programming Language

Limbo Programming Language is designed for those applications which are running on distributed system on small computers. It has similar features like JAVA i.e automatic garbage collection, dynamic loading and it also compile a program into a machine independent bytecode for executing in virtual machine. Initially it was designed for Inferno Operating System.

Example of Limbo Programming Language

In the given example it wills simply print “hey !! How r u...?:

 implement Command;
    include "sys.m";
    include "draw.m";
    sys:    Sys;
   Command: module
        init: fn (ctxt: ref Draw->Context, argv: list of string);
    # The canonical "Hello world" program, enhanced
   init(ctxt: ref Draw->Context, argv: list of string)
            sys = load Sys Sys->PATH;
            sys->print("hey!! How r u..??\n");


How to learn Limbo Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning Limbo Programming Language:

Download Compiler For Limbo Programming Language:{" "} The Acheron Limbo Compiler