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Ksh Scripting Programming Help by Programmers hub

Ksh Scripting Language

Ksh scripting language is also known as a Korn unix shell scripting language. Korn shell is a powerful high level language programming language used to writing applications and this is easy and quick than the other high-level languages. The code size of the Ksh scripting language is larger than the other scripting languages. The first line of the Korn scripting is #!/bin/ksh.  Ksh scripting language provide many features of Object oriented languages e.g conditions, iterations, variables, exceptions.

Csh Code Example

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About Ksh

Develop by  :  David Korn
Initial release  :  1983
Type :  Unix shell
Written in  :  C
Operating system  :  Cross-platform
Platform  :  Unix

Csh Commands

CDPATH : Search path for the cd built-in command. Works the same way as PATH for those directories not beginning with / in cd commands.

COLUMNS : Set to the number of columns on the terminal or window. Cur-rently set to the cols value as reported by stty(1) if that value is non-zero. 

EDITOR : If the VISUAL parameter is not set, this parameter controls the command line editing mode for interactive shells.

ENV : If this parameter is found to be set after any profile files are executed, the expanded value is used as a shell start-up file.

ERRNO : indicates the reason the last system call failed.

EXECSHELL : If set, this parameter is assumed to contain the shell that is to be used to execute commands that execuve(2) fails to execute and which do not start with a `#! shell' sequence

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