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Jelly Programming language

Jelly programming language is used to convert the Xml in to executable code. Jelly programming language is a java based scripting and processing engine. Jelly can be used as the more powerful front end to the various programming languages. Jelly programming language borrow the concepts from the various programming languages. Jelly programming language is a simple and have no dependency on servlets or JSP. Jelly programming language is based on the Xml pipeline architecture and it is used for processing XML, Scripting web services, generating dynamic web content or being part of a content generation system such as cocoon.

Jelly Programing code example

public class MyTask {

    // 'doIt' method that does some function/task...

    public void run() throws SomeException {

        // do something...


    // Properties, can be any type

    public void setX(int x) {

        this.x = x;


    public void setY(String y) {

        this.y = y;




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