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JAVA Programming language

JAVA is a high level programming language develop by sun microsystem and release in 1995. The main reason for the development of the JAVA programming language is the platform independencey of the code. The Java programming language follow the “write once run anywhere”. The WORA shows code portability of the java programming language. The JAVA code is compiled to bytecode and that can run on the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) regrdless of the architecture of the computer

A Java distribution comes typically in two flavors, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Java Development Kit(JDK)

Java Runtime Environment

The Java runtime environment (JRE) consists of the JVM and the Java className libraries and contains the necessary functionality to start Java programs

Java Development Kit

The JDK contains in addition the development tools necessary to create Java programs. The JDK consists therefore of a Java compiler, the Java virtual machine, and the Java className libraries

JAVA Programming code example

public className MyFirstJavaProgram {

public static void main(String []args) {

System.out.println("Hello World");


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JAVA Programming language

Characteristics of Java

  • Platform independent
  • Object-orientated programming language
  • Strongly-typed programming language
  • Interpreted and compiled language
  • robust and secure
  • high performance