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IPL Programming language

IPL Programming language by which information can be stated and processes and specified for processing the information. These were a series of IPL Programming language the details of the IPL Programming language is following :

  • IPL-1 Language for expressing a theorem providing program in the sentential calculus and was never implemented on a computer
  • IPL-2 and IPL-3 were coded for the RAND corporations and used for the logic theories
  • IPL-4 was codded for the JOHNNIAC and being used for a chess program
  • IPL-5 in the simulation of human cognitive process

Structure Example

L1 9-1 100
100 S4 101
101 S5 0
9-1 0 200
200 A1 201
201 V1 202
202 A2 203
203 V2  0
IPL Programming language

List Processes

  • Locate
  • Insert
  • Delete
  • Policy on private termination cells
  • Erase
  • Copy

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