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ICI Programming language

ICI is a C-like general purpose interpreted programming language. ICI that has dynamic typing and flexible data types with the basic syntax, flow control constructs and operators of C. ICI is resembles to C but its data model is very different with many types of data types such as strings, regular expressions, dynamic arrays, sets and dictionaries. ICI programming language helps you to concentrate on what program does rather then how it is doing it. ICI programming makes the programming easy and remove the complication and provide the features of garbage collection and memory management automatically. The code writen in the the ICI programming language are postable and can be used on the many platforms various Unix systems, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Macintosh (OS X) and BeOS

ICI Programming Code Example


static count_tokens(in)


    auto        count;

    count = 0;

    while (gettoken(in)) ++count;

    return count;


if (argc < 2) printf("%d\n", count_tokens(stdin));



    auto f, fn, total;

    total = 0;

    forall (fn in interval(argv, 1))


        if (fn == "-")

            count = count_tokens(stdin);



            auto count;

            count = count_tokens(f = fopen(fn));



        printf("%s %d\n", fn, count);

        total += count;


    if (argc > 2) printf("Total %d\n", total);



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