Hyperpascal programming language

Introduction to Hyperpascal programming language:

HyperPascal is a general-purpose visual programming language with the capabilities of Pascal. The design and implementation of a high-level parallel programming language interface for distributed-memory MIMD architectures is described. This interface is called HyperPascal. The language exploits the power of interactive graphic interfaces and it automatically generate syntactically correct program. The constraining the programmer's actions minimally. HyperPascal is a program-capture-and-compile-environment - the programming language is only part of an integrated package. The name HyperPascal was chosen to reflect the hyperspatial nature of the programs produced within the environment. HyperPascal is based on a Computation Graph Decomposition model of parallel programming. It is closely resembles the Pascal language but in addition provides constructs that allow for the high-level specification of process parallelism. It provides a machine-independent view of parallel programming and simplifies parallel program design and development and facilitates portability of parallel programs.

Programming in hyperpascal:

X * Y Implemented as an iterative functional subprogram in HyperPascal.

programming in hyperpascal

Feature of hyperpascal programming language:

  • Hyperpascal is an architecture independent Pascal interface for parallel programs.
  • It provide a machine independent view of the parallel programming.
  • It has generic subprograms rather than separate functions and procedures.
  • HyperPascal proposed dynamic structure traversal icon extends the language beyond the standard traversal paradigms in a powerful but general way.
hyperpascal programming language
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