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HyperTalk Programming language

hyperTalk is a high-level procedural-programming programming language designed American computer scientist Bill Atkinson for Apple’s Macintosh. HyperTalk is very easy to learn and have a English like syntax. Hypertext allow anyone to combine the text, graphics and audio to create the applications. HyperTalk is mostly used for the education purpose in the class rooms to teach the students using multimedia presentations. Hypertext is Object Oriented Programming language and provide the various features e.g garbage collection, memory management. HyperTalk is a excellent to learn programming. Hypertext programmer called authors and the process of writing program is called scripting.

HyperText programming code example

on mouseUp
   put "100,100" into pos
   repeat with x = 1 to the number of card buttons
     set the location of card button x to pos
     add 15 to item 1 of pos
   end repeat
 end mouseUp
HyperTalk Programming language

Descendants of HyperTalk

  • CompileIt!-Talk
  • MediaTalk
  • PlusTalk
  • SenseTalk
  • SuperTalk
  • LiveCode