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Introduction to Forth

Forth is a computer language originally designed for embedded and real time applications. Forth is a structured, imperative, reflexive, extensible, stack based computer programming language and programming environment. Forth is not an assembler, it is a high-level language (although most versions also include an assembler for the target processor). However, it does not really resemble most other high-level programming language. A procedural programming language without type checking, Forth features both interactive execution of commands (making it suitable as a shell for systems that lack a more formal operating system) and the ability to compile sequences of commands for later execution. Forth has enough support to keep several language vendors and contractors in business. Forth is currently used in boot loaders boot loaders such as Open Firmware, space applications, and other embedded systems.

Example: Hello World!

{`: HELLO ."Hello World " ;`}

Forth Compiler

Latest version of Forth Compiler download here{" "} {" "} Download Forth Compiler