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F Sharp Programming Language Help For Students

Introduction to F#

Visual Studio 2010 includes a new programming language, F#. F# is a multiparadigm language that supports functional programming in addition to traditional object-oriented programming and .NET concepts. F# is a functional programming language that treats an assignment as an topic. To assist you with programming, the F# language provides many already-created functions, referred to as built-in functions. One of the built-in functions of F# is named printf. Although we will see various examples of using that function, we can first indication that printf is used to present a value, such as a word or a sentence to a user. To use it, follow this formula:

printf "Something to show"

printf ("Something to show")

printf "Something to show";

printf ("Something to show");

After printf, you can include something in double-quotes or the double-quoted value inside of parentheses. You can end the whole statement with or without a semi-colon. Here is an example:

printf ("Welcome to the wonderful world of functional programming!");

Example: Hello World!

let msg = "Hello, F#!"


F Sharp Programming Language


Download F#

F# is a productive, typed functional and object-oriented language for the .NET platform.

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