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Etoys in Squeak Programming Language Help For Students

Introduction to Etoys in Squeak

Etoys is free and open source application of Squeak Smalltalk designed to be fully programmable and explorable multi-threaded graphical environment for learning. The Squeak language is an adaptation of Smalltalk, which was one of the earliest object oriented programming languages (early 1980s). Although both languages may "sound trivial" I can assure you that they are not and, in fact, these languages have been used to create fully-functioning virtual worlds (such as those built from the Croquet and Open Cobalt Software Development Kits) that can be populated by talking avatars and may contain features such as 3D hyperlinks and virtual offices.

Example: Hello World!

It is a tradition between programmers, when they are studying a new language, 

to try to write a program that prints “HELLO WORLD1”on the screen.visit 

Compiler Download

To get started, see Download and install Etoys in Squeak and follow the instructions.


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