E Programming Language Assignment Help

E Programming language

E is a object oriented Programming language. E is set of extensions to Java designed for writing distributed applications including databases, groupware, publishing systems, multimedia, and games. E programming language run same as that of the java programming language. E is build on a Java Virtual Machine and need a installed java Development kit to run the programs. E programming provide the enhancement to the java programming language and run the features of java programming language.

E Programming Code example

def factorial(n :int) :int {

if (n == 0) {

return 1

} else if (n > 0) {

return n * factorial(n-1)

} else {

throw("invalid argument to factorial: "+n)


E Programming language

Features of E Programmin language

Distributed communication : E Programming allow to send the message directly to remote object that exist in the other machine.

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Capability semantics : E programming provide the tight security to the data of the programms.

Optimistic computation : E Programming provide the method for reducing the effect of communications latency.

Trust Management : E provide the framework for cryptographic verification to use the features of the E Programming language


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