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ECMAScript Language

ECMAScript is a scripting language. It is a foundation of JavaScripting and provide the enhanced feature to the existing java scripting language. JavaScript was submitted to ECMAInternational a body that facilitates the standardization of information and communication technology and consumer electronics, so that it can be formalized industry-wise. We can say that ECMAScripting is a JAVA Scripting language.

ECMAScripting code example

var jsFuture = "es6";
(function () {
  if (!jsFuture) { var jsFuture = "es5"; }

ECMA Scripting language


Features of ECMAScripting

using Firefox browser

  • Block scoping with let
  • Destructuring 
  • Array comprehension 
  • Iterators 


  • Block scoping with const
  • Classes
  • Default function parameters
  • Collections
  • Rest parameters & Spread operator
  • Modules