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Dylan functional Programming Help by Programmers hub

Dylan Programming Language

Dylan Programming language is a multi-paradigm language and support the Object Oriented Programming and functional programming. Dylan programming language is derived from Scheme and Common Lisp and integrate the object –system feature of the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS). The main purpose for the development of the Dylan Programming language is to create the commercial software’s. some implementations were in fact initially built within existing Lisp systems—Dylan has an ALGOL-like syntax rather than a Scheme-like prefix syntax.

Dylan Programming Code Example

let radius = 5;

 let circumference = 2 * $pi * radius;

 if (circumference > 42)

    format-out("Hello, big circle! c is %=", circumference);


    format-out("Hello, circle! c is %=", circumference);

 end if

Dylan Programming Language


Features of Dylan

  • multiple inheritance
  • polymorphism
  • multiple dispatch
  • keyword arguments
  • object introspection
  • pattern-based syntax extension macros

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