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Dino Programming help

DINO (DIstributed Numerically Oriented language) is a high level dynamic-typed scripting language. Dino is similar as of the scripting languages perl, Tcl and python. Dino Programming language is same as that of C programming language and have garbage collection. The Dino Programming language is designed for the simplicity, uniformity, and expressiveness of the code. Dino programming language is a object oriented language. Dino Programming language allows the possibilities of parallelism description and exception handling. The structure of the Dino programming language is high level and the have heterogeneous extensible vectors, associative tables and objects.

DINO is a language for writing parallel programs for distributed memory (MIMD) multiprocessors. It is oriented toward expressing data parallel algorithms, which predominate in parallel numerical computation.

Dino Programming Code Example

var i, prime, k, count, flags;

var final SieveSize = 8190;

flags = [SieveSize + 1 : 0];

count = 0;

for (i = 0; i <= SieveSize; i++)

flags[i] = 1;

for (i = 0; i <= SieveSize; i++)

if (flags[i])


prime = i + i + 3;

k = i + prime;

for (;1;;)


if (k > SieveSize)


flags[k] = 0;

k += prime;




println (count);

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Dino Programming help

Features of Dino Programming

  • Extensions
  • Threads
  • Public and private variables
  • Mutable and immutable values
  • Functions, classes, threads, and types as values
  • Interface with C language and writing external dynamic libraries