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DMDScripting language

DMDScripting stands for the Digital mars scripting and it is the implementation of the ECMA262 similar as the Netscape implementation called JavaScript and Microsoft’s implementation called Jscript. DMD Scripting language is not program in the D language and nor in the java language but implemented in the D programming language. The most recent version of the DMD Scripting is implemented in the D programming language but the C++ implementation for the DMD scripting is not available.

Built in functions for DMD Scripting


Get and return value of environment variablestring.


Print string to stdout.


Print string to stdout followed by a newline.


Read and return an input line from stdin, not including the newline

DMDScripting language

Benefits of D implementation of DMD Scripting

  • Implementation of ECMA 262 v3.
  • Ideal for ECMAscript enabling browsers, email clients, and any application that needs a scripting language.
  • Source code is available under the Boost license

Installing DMDScript

Download ..