Programming Help for DMDScript Language

Introduction to DMDScript Language

DMD stands for Digital Mars D

DMDScript is used for implementation of the ECMA 262 scripting language. It is compared with other implentation like Mirosoft's implementation Jscript and others. DMDScript is implementation in the D programming Language. It is ideal for ECMA Scripting enables browsers, email clients, and any application that needs a scripting language. The engine is writen in D language and comes full source code, and linkable libraries for window and linux. It is also available in C++ implementation.

Example of DMDScript Language

In given example every function call has an implicit parameter array named argument:


  function bar()


     if(arguments.length == 3)

       return foo(arguments[0], arguments[1], arguments[2])


  bar(i,pi,str); // Hello Script!4.141592653589793

How to learn DMDScript Language

Tutorial or Books for learning DMDScript Language:

Download DMDScript software from Here !!