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Cyclone Programming Help by Programmers hub

Cyclone Programming help

Cyclone is an e?ort to bring safety to C, without turning it into another Java. Cyclone is an e?ort to bring safety to C, without turning it into another Java. Cyclone provides the new features to the programmers such as pattern matching, algebraic data types, exceptions, region-based memory management, and optional garbage collection. C programming language face many problems in some programs but Cyclone provides the features and overcome the drawbacks of the C language e.g buffer overflows, format string attacks, double free bugs, dangling pointer accesses.

To Improve the safety of the pointers, cyclone introduce the new kind of pointers

Pointers of Cyclone

  • Nullable Pointers
  • Non-Null pointers
  • Thin pointers
  • Fat Pointers
  • NUL/Zero-terminated pointers
  • Number of elements attributes
  • Region Pointers

Cyclone Programming code example

#include <stdio.h>

    int main() {

      printf("hello, world\n");

      return 0;


Cyclone language features

  • NULL checks are inserted to prevent segmentation faults
  • Pointer arithmetic is limited
  • Pointers must be initialized before use (this is enforced by definite assignment analysis)
  • Dangling pointers are prevented through region analysis and limits on free()
  • Only "safe" casts and unions are allowed
  • Pointer-returning functions must execute return
  • setjmp and longjmp  are not supported

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