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Csh Programming Language

The C shell is a command processor which allows user to type commands. The c shall can read the commands from the file known as scripts. C shell consist of the control structure, shell command, expressions and variables. The first line of the script shows the language in which the script is written in Csh scripting the first line should be{" "}  #!/bin/csh  . {" "} The script file should be given execute permission with chmod command.

Programming features

  1. Control constructs.
  2. File permissions/existence checking.
  3. Variable assignment.
  4. Built-in Variables

Csh Program code Example

while [ $j -le 10 ]; do
   echo '2 **' $j = $i
   i=expr $i '*' 2
   j=expr $j + 1

Features of C Shell

  1. Customizable environment.
  2. Abbreviate commands.
  3. History.
  4. Job control.
  5. Shell scripting.
  6. Keyboard shortcuts
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