Code Programming language

Introduction to code programming language

  • Code is Computationally oriented display environment.
  • It is a visual programming language and system for parallel programming
  • Code lets users to compose sequential programs into parallel programs.
  • It allows the user to compose the sequential program into a parallel one.
  • It produce parallel program for the verity of architecture since it’s model is architecture-independent.

Feature of code programming language:

  • CODE is designed to support "coarse-grained" parallelism
  • CODE runs on any UNIX system.
  • It can produce programs for three varieties of architectures.
  • It can produce a purely sequential program that simulates parallelism.
  • It can produce a version for shared-memory multiprocessor machines that use POSIX threads, like the Sun SparcCenters.
  • It can produce the distributed memory version for PVM.

Programming code

Code Programming language