Programming Help for Clipper Programming

Introduction to Clipper Programming Language

Clipper Programming Language is a Data-Oriented Programming language. It is used to create software programs that originally operated under DOS. It was developed in 1985 by CA Clipper as a compiler for dbase III, in starting it was used for creating database.

Example of Clipper Programming Language which will print “Hey!! How R U??”

? "Hey!! How R U??"
A simple data base input mask:
@  1, 0 SAY "StudentNam" GET Student->StudentNam PICT "999999" VALID Student->StudentNam > 0
@  3, 0 SAY "Contact" GET Student->Contact VALID !empty(Student->Contact)
@  4, 0 SAY "Address" GET Student->Address

How to learn Clipper Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning Clipper Programming Language:

Download Clipper Compiler from Here !!

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