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Programming Help for Clarion Programming

Introduction to Clarion Programming Language

Clarion Programming Language is also Commercial, $GL,Multi-parasigm, data-Oriented Programming Language. It is compatible with SQL, ADO and many more. It can read and write several flat files, Oracle, MS SQL Server and so on through the use of accelerated native database driver.

It is used to give the output to HTML, XML, plaintext and PDF format. It is similar to basic,Pascal and Cobol. Its primary feature is “templates” which is used for conjunction with code-generator.

Example of Clarion Programming Language

Example of Clarion Programming Language which will print "hey!!How r u??"


 MESSAGE('Hey!!How r u??','Clarion')

How to learn Clarion Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning Clarion Programming Language:

Videos for learning Clarion Programming Language:

Download Clarion IDE from Here !!

Download Clarion Compiler from Here !!

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