Programming Help for Cilk Language

Introduction to Clik Programming Language

Clik Programming language is designed for multi threading computing. The c++ form is called Clik Plus.

Basic structure of Clik Programming Language

The two keyword that are used in Clik language are:

  1. Spawn

  2. Sync

Spawn is a procedure call in Clik Language and it is used to modify the executing code safely with the other executing code. Sync is a keyword which indicates that the execution of current procedure is only possible when you execute the previous spawned procedures.

Example of Clik Programming Language

Given example is an recursive implementation of Fibonacci fuction in Clik:

cilk int fib (int a)
    if (a < 2) return a;
       int c, d;

      c = spawn fib (a-1);
      d = spawn fib (a-2);


      return (c+d);


How to learn Clik Programming Language

Tutorial for Clik Programming Language: