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Introduction to Chuck Programming Language

Chuck programming language is a concurrent language. Which is a audio programming language. It is used for real-time synthesis, composition and performance of audio.

It can run on many platforms like Mac OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows and IOS. It is readable and flexible to the programmers or there consideration of there raw performance.

The chucks programming language have the ability to make changes in the live code like adding, removing and modifying code on the fly means while the program is running without stopping or restarting.

Features of Chuck Programming Language

  1. It is loosely c-like object-oriented language.
  2. Chucks support real-time audio synthesis.
  3. It is a powerful and simple concurrent programming model.
  4. Programs are dynamically compiled to ChucK virtual machine bytecode.

Example of Chuck Programming Language

The following is a simple Chuck program that generates sound and music.:

// our signal graph (patch)
 SinOsc f => dac;
 // set gain
 .3 => f.gain;
 // an array of pitch classes (in half steps)
 [ 0, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10 ] @=> int hi[];

  // infinite time loop
 while( true )
     // choose a note, shift registers, convert to frequency
     Std.mtof( 65 + Std.rand2(0,1) * 43 +
         hi[Std.rand2(0,hi.cap()-1)] ) => f.freq;

      // advance time by 120 ms
     120::ms => now;

How to learn Chuck Programming Language

Video tutorial for Chuck Programming Language:

Books for learning Chuck Programming Language: