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Chuck Audio Programming Help by Programmers hub

Chuck Programming Language

Chuck is a audio Programming language for real-time sound synthesis, composition and performance. It is open-source and freely available on MacOS X, Windows, and Linux. It Provides the powerful and flexible programming tool to the music directors to create complex audio synthesis programs, and real time interactive controls. Chuck language is designed to do more experiments on the audio formats and to provide the flexibility to the programmers. In it, you'll learn the basics of digital sound creation and manipulation while you discover the ChucK language. ChucK supports MIDI, OpenSoundControl, HID device and multi-channel audio.

Chuck Programing Code Example

// connect sine oscillator to D/A convertor (sound card)

      SinOsc s => dac;

      // allow 2 seconds to pass

      2::second => now;

Let's now run this (assuming you saved the file as ''):

      %> chuck
Chuck Audio Programming language

Features of Chuck Programming

  • Direct support for real-time audio synthesis
  • A powerful and simple concurrent programming model
  • A unified timing mechanism for multi-rate event and control processing.
  • A language syntax that encourages left-to-right syntax and semantics within program statements.
  • Precision timing: a strongly timed sample-synchronous timing model.
  • Programs are dynamically compiled to ChucK virtual machine bytecode

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