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Ch Programming language

Ch is an interpreter of C/C++ which is used worldwide to learn the mathematics, numerical computing and to write the embedded code for the multiple platforms quickly and efficiently. Ch is used by Engineers, teachers, students and scientists worldwide to learn the concepts of programming. Ch is a learning environment which is used to teach the student programming and some of the editions are freely available for students. Ch has both interfaces it has command interpreter (shell ) and a integrated development environment.

Ch is also refer as a scripting language but unlike other scripting languages Bash, Ksh, Csh Ch uses the syntax of C programming language. The program files of ch language saved with the suffix .ch. The program of ch language run as simple as that of other scripting languages

Features of Ch programming

  • Member functions
  • Mixed code and declaration
  • The this -> pointer
  • Reference type and pass-by-reference
  • Function-style type conversion
  • delete operators
  • Polymorphic functions
  • The scope resolution operator

Ch programming code example

void main () {
        printf("Hello World!");

Hello World!