Cecil Programming Language Help For Students

Introduction to Cecil

Cecil is a pure object-oriented programming language developed at the University of Washington. Cecil was designed as part of the larger Vortex project at UW, and it is intended to provide a framework in which large, extensible software systems can be developed more easily. Some other goals of the project are orthagonality, efficiency, and ease-of-use. CECIL is a low-level language designed to run on a simplified and simulated microcontroller, the "SIM20" (preceded by the KIM10). The aim is not to help you to become an assembly language programmer, but to provide a vehicle whereby you can learn about hardware design concepts through practical activity. It was first developed as a concept in the late 1980s, has been used at various times in at least 6 universities, and is still in use in at least 4.

Example: Cecil example source code


program	example

author	David Argles

date	20.08.01

;---program starts here---

.start	load	data



;---data starts here---

.data	insert	12

;---end of code---

Compiler Download

To get started, see Download and install Cecil and follow the instructions....

Cecil Programming Language

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