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CLUSH is a program for executing commands in parallel o a cluster and for gathering their results. CLush executes commands interactively orcan be used within shell scripts and other applications. It is a partial front-end to the ClusterShell library that ensures a light, unified and robust commandexecution framework. clush currently makes use of the Ssh worker of ClusterShell that only requiresssh(1) (OpenSSH SSH client).

If a command is not specified, and its standard input is connected to a terminal,clush runs interactively. In this mode, clush usesthe GNU readline library to read command lines. Readline provides commands for searching through the command history for lines containing a specified string.

Single-character interactive commands are:
clush> ? show current nodeset clush> = set current nodeset clush> + add nodes to current nodeset clush> - remove nodes from current nodeset clush> !COMMAND execute COMMAND on the local system clush> = toggle the ouput format (gathered or standard mode) To leave an interactive session, type quit or Control-D.