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CLU Programming language

CLU is a compiled imperative language descended from the tradition of Algol and Pascal, but with several major new features. CLU Programming language provides the features of object oriented programming language e.g data type abstraction, exception handling, and other advanced features. CLU programming language provide the feature of Clusters and on this feature set the name of the programming language CLUster. The main features of CLU programming language is procedures, Clusters and iterators. CLU provide the many features of the object-oriented programming language e.g garbage collection, a form of inheritance, iterators, strong types, generics and exception handling.

CLU programming code example

complex_number = cluster is add, subtract, multiply, ....

          rep = record [ real_part: real, imag_part: real ]

          add = proc ... end add;

          subtract = proc ... end subtract;

          multiply = proc ... end multiply;


     end complex_number;
CLU Programming language

Features of CLU

  • It provide the feature of CLU
  • It provide the feature of  CLU is multiple assignment
  • Memory management is automatic in CLU
  • CLU supported type parameterized
  • CLU also includes exception handling
  • CLU type system are iterators