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Programming Help for CAL Programming

Introduction to CAL Programming Language

CAL Stands for CakeWalk Application Languages

CAL is an event processing language that is used for extend Pro Audio and Professional with custom editing commands. It was started as a Musical Instrument Digital Interface sequencer made by Twelve Tone systems.

We can create CAL script by recording a series of commands, keystrokes and mouse action from within cakewalk. To use CAL you will need Cakewalk Pro for DOS, Cakewalk Professional for Windows, or Cakewalk Pro Audio.

Example of CAL Scripting Language

Given example will ask value from user then it will add that values to the velocity parameter of not events:


(int amt 0)

(getInt amt "Amount to add?" -127 127)


(if (== Event.Kind NOTE)

(+= Note.Vel amt)




How to learn CAL Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning CAL Programming Language:

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