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BLISS Programming language

BLISS (Bill's Language for Implementing System Software) is a system programming language developed at Carnegie Mellon University. typeless block-structured language based on expressions rather than statements, and includes constructs for exception handling,coroutines, and macros. It does not include a goto statement. Bliss programming language provides the many features of the high-level programming languages and object-oriented programming languages. BLISS provides the block structure, an automatic stack, and mechanisms for defining and calling recursive routines. It has many pre-defined data structures and facilities for testig and iterations.

BLISS Programming code example

Function factorial(n) =

If.n <=1 then 1 else .n *factorial(.n-1);

Function QQ search (k) =

Begin register R,Q,A,E;

E-R-K|.n;Q .k mod .n;


Do if .ST[.R] = .K

Then return .R


Until .R = .E


BLISS Programming language

Features of BLISS

  • Encourages program structuring for understand ability
  • Encouraging program structuring for debugging and measurement
  • Economy of concepts, generality, flexibility etc
  • Utility as a design tool
  • Machine Independence
  • Parameterization, especially conditional compilation

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