BIGWIG Web Application Language Help For Students


A domain-specific high level programming language for developing interactive Web services. The BIGWIG language is a collection of domain-specific languages focuses on different aspects of interactive web services. These contributing languages (C code, HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, and SSL) are held together by a C-like skeleton language. Program are compiled into a conglomerate of lower level technologies such as C code, HTTP, HTML, JavaScript and SSL, all running on top of a runtime system based on Apache Web Server module.

Related Information

  • Interfaces: Command line
  • Source languages: C
  • Build prerequisites: Apache 1.3 or later with dynamic module support enabled
  • Weak prerequisites: libwww library (for compile-time lexical inclusion or get/post); unixODB C (for external database support)
  • Related programs: Apache, runwig)
Example: Hello World!
service {
session Hello() {

Hello World!

; }