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Beta Programming Language

Beta is a pure Object Oriented Programming language which introduce the concept of pattern. The main feature of Beta programming language is it introduce the feature of nested classes and patterns. Unified classes with procedures into is called patterns. BETA is a statically typed language like Simula, Eiffel C++, with most type checking done at compile-time. The Aim of BETA programming is to create the optimal balance between the compile-time checking and the run-time checking.

Following are the combinations allow by BETA

  class procedure generic class process exception
pattern yes yes yes yes yes yes
subpattern yes yes yes yes yes yes
virtual pattern yes yes yes yes yes yes
pattern variable yes yes yes yes yes yes
Nested Pattern yes yes yes yes yes yes
beta programming


The main feature of BETA programming language is pattern following is the difference when we write code in C++ and BETA pattern


class point {

    int x, y;



point: (#

    x, y: @integer



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