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Introduction to basic programming language

Basic is a Programming Language for the windows operating system. It is completely free and it is suitable for creating all kinds of application of business, industry, education and entertainment. Basic is a multi-platform language because many basic compilers use the same types of routine. BASIC Programming language it is easy to learn and it has been extended with structured programming facilities and with easy to use GUI commands, with the help of this you can create your own windows program without needing to learn underlying details of the windows operating system.

 Here are some features of Just BASIC:

  • It's free, of course!
  • Full tutorial and many example programs
  • Large online community
  • Syntax coloring editor
  • Easy source level debugging
  • Graphics including sprites and printing
  • Create standalone programs royalty free

Areas of Application:

Basic has many strong points, such as:

  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Adds powerful additional features for the advanced user
  • Is designed for interactive use rather than batch work
  • Lends itself to learning by hands-on practical use

Example: Hello World!

10 PRINT "Hello World!" 20 GOTO 10 `}