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Argos programming language

Argos programming language is a synchronous programming language develop at the VERIMAG laboratories. Argos programming language provide the graphical as well as textual syntax. The main differences with statecharts are the use of a truly hierarchical composition operator which does away with inter-level transitions used in statecharts, and the application of a strict synchrony assumption.

The development on Argos are carried out in the following steps :

Compilation : Several efficient compilation techniques have been studied

Connections to tool : Argos create the different formats of iutput.

  • The common OC format
  • An automation format
  • Timed automata that can be verified by using Kronos

Multilanguage Programming :

The aim is to study and implement two mixed languages: Argos + Esterel and Argos + Lustre

Argos programming code example

use Argos::Reduce;

 my $reduce = Argos::Reduce->new


    name => 'foobar',

    conf => '/conf/file',

    path => '/path/file',




Download compiler